We are beautiful , smart, fun Sisters who love to shop.
It would be you honour to contribute to Our fun, pampered lifestyle.

You boys can work hard for Us, because We should not have to. While you are hard at work, We will be out blowing boys wages on over priced cosmetic, perfumes, pamper sessions, shopping sprees and endless supplies of shoes and outfits to look HOT in!

We will taunt and tease you with photo's of Us out, blowing your wages. Being pampered, wearing new outfits, new heels and showing off Our  gifts, looking stunning and having a fabulous time... All on you! Giggle.

We love going on shopping sprees and We love online shopping sprees too.

We both love amazon gift card and We have amazon wishlists you can gift Us from also.

If you want to be of use to Us, you can send an amazon gift card and beg for further instruction....

mistress sisters tribute

You can find Goddess Sophias wishlist here

You can find Goddess Summer's amazon wishlist at

Send gift cards to

Nothing pleases Us more than taking your cash and keeping you piggies in your lowly place. Reminding you how far you will go to please Us. Showing you how superior We are to a lowly slaves like you. Reminding you again and again of Our intoxicating , seductive pull and the power We behold over you!

We do all sorts of fun things together. We love Our fun trips to Brighton and London, big shopping spree's, cocktails and drinks out with the Girls. Holidays, pamperings ....and more shopping!

While We live Our glamorous lives of fun and luxury, you piggies must struggle with Our bills. Making sacrifices and doing what it takes to keep Us  spoilt and pampered on you!

While we are out having brunch, shopping, or at the luxury spa hotel, you are stuck at work, earning more money for Us to blow! Life a bitch and so are We . Snigger