Humiliation can take many different forms. It can be psychological, verbal, psychical. It could be subtle & or reserved for private exchange, or it could be a much more obvious, perhaps even public! Some slaves enjoy the thrill of being used & abused in public. Being made a spectacle of & abused as people watch.  Maybe it is at a fetish party of Femdomme event.  Or perhaps in the form of a publicly humiliating wallet rape, public acts of servitude. 


Imagine being used and abuse by two, beautiful, mean Sisters! Hearing Us abuse you & humiliate you. Listening to Our infectious giggles as We laugh at how tragic & pathetic you are! We will verbally abuse you losers, taunt you, Tease you, laugh at your pindicks, share your humiliating photos & videos with each other & Our Friends! Tweet them to thousands of followers! Making you a spectacle. A toy, existing solely for Our entertainment & amusement. A loser like you should be grateful for that. We are so unimaginably out of your league, that you could only ever dream of dating Girls as hot, powerful and as popular as Us! (Dream on loser!)  A loser like you does not get to have Girls like Us. Instead you must settle for being laughed at, rinsed, used & humiliated! 


We like setting mean , painful, humiliating tasks for you loser boys to complete for Our amusement. We can get boys doing all sorts of hilarious things to make Us laugh! 😀  

We will taunt you & tease you & make you hot under the collar, weak at the knees and tight of trousers ( Not you pindick!) 

 We use you at the weekends. We will abuse you late at night when you should be sleeping! We will use loser while your GF/ wifey is just across the room! Giggle. We will humiliate you when you should be out having fun, but instead you are at home, broke-  being stripped of your cash and your dignity. We will   even use & abuse you losers while you are at work! :p


 We humiliate losers on KIK , iMessages, emails, whatsapp and phone calls. Some Skype chat and also yahoo.  


We send custom voice clips. (Hypno sisters, SPH, humiliation, etc.) 

We also do custom videos form the Sisters, for more generous slaves. 

Custom photo sets -  Humiliating cash point meets / wallet rapes


.....Craving something humilating you do not see?  

-You have Our permission to contact Us about it. Do it kneeling loser!