Goddess Summer

Goddess Summer :

Beautiful, demanding, dominant, sexy, seductive temptress, who will place you deep under Her intoxicating spell where you will become Her weak, obedient little puppet boy. Eager to make Goddess smile. Desperate to serve Her and please Her.
Using Her beauty to draw in Her prey like a moth to the light.  Then using Her devious, creative mind to dream up all sorts of ways to make use of you.
Whether youre a fan wanting to send gifts, a loser who needs to be humiliated, or a good little petslave, seeking ownership. Goddess Summers never ending and ever evolving list of interests, fetish & kinks means that there are many , many ways to serve and please Her, for all types of different boys.


Goddess Summer Jane

Panty worship

Goddess Summer has a love of humiliation. She enjoys humiliating losers and paypigs who know their lowly place before Her. Using losers is something that come naturally to Goddess Summer and She is very talented at. If she likes using a boy, she has them serve Her for years at a time.
Goddess Summer will get you doing all sorts of submissive acts to prove your devotion and obedience, time and time again you will find yourself on your knees begging for mercy. Making Goddess Summer smile, will soon be your main goal in life.

Greedy and demanding, smart and powerful, injecting the findom scene with fun, creativity, new fetishes and ways to use boys for fun. She has made all sorts of amazing findom and Femdom games, (like GG wheel of fortune, and Her amazing Halloween trick or treats games, etc)

horsw and carriage

Teaming with Her beautiful Sister, Goddess Sophia, makes for the ultimate findom experience.
....Serving two, hot Sisters, so out of your league it hurts!
The closest you are ever going to get to being close to hot Girls Us!
Two ,fun, beautiful, intoxicating, unobtainable young Ladies who will get a genuine kick out of making you weak, raping your wallet and showing you how WE LOVE RINSING GUYS.