Goddess Sophia

Goddess Sophia

is a beautiful, curvaceous Goddess with many ways to make you weak!
Equally as intoxicating and alluring as Her deadly Sister, Goddess Sophia is also very addictive and knows how to make boys weak and vulnerable.
Enjoying financial domination as one of Her favourite hobbies,She enjoys using paypig and moneyslaves and using Her impressive powers and abilities to seduce & manipulate . Goddess Sophia will have you giddy with excitement as She reminds you  over and over why you love to send your cash to Her! Snapping photos of Her with the things you have bought Her, photos of pamperings you  treated Her to and making you weak with her worship material.

I love using paypigs and money slaves
Goddess Sophia will have you giddy with excitement as She reminds you  over and over why you love to send your cash to Her!

Goddess enjoys  humiliation and sissification . She likes a good little bitch boy who likes to spoil Her rotten and make Her feel like a Princess everyday.  Goddess Sophia is back on the scene after a break and currently seeking paypiggies, sisssies and foot boys  to use and potentially to own (Selecting only Her favourites for ownership)

If you wish to have the chance to serve Goddess Sophia, you will need to send a gift and beg for Her precious attention. Do not forget to put Her name on the gift card and yours in the from section.


When Goddess Sophia is with Her Sister. She becomes even more powerful and enticing.  There is something about two beautiful Women working together to use and abuse you boys, but TWO SISTERS is something very special & outrageously HOT!  Using their life long connection and their wonderful teamwork as an enticing, intoxicating spell which is near on impossible to resist! ...Lulling boys into Their world of seduction, domination and control- and placing them exactly where They want them!
The power They behold is mystifying.
The sound of Their infectious, seductive giggles, creates an enchanting chorus, which penetrates deep into your soul in ways you cannot imagine!...Until you experience it, you cannot understand.

We really like humiliation. If you are a pathetic loser, your wallet will be drained, then you will be used, humiliated and made to thank Us. If you re a loserboy, be sure to mention what a loser you are.

This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

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