About Us

THE CHANCE TO SERVE TWO Beautiful FINDOM SISTERS!  This is the stuff slave dreams are made of!

We are into:

paypigs - moneyslaves - sissysluts - wallet worms - loserboys  submissive/polite sugar daddies, online and some RT findom, ATM rapes, cashpoint meets, humiliation and some other kinks.

Here you will have your opportunity to grovel before TWO beautiful, powerful, demanding SISTERS!

We are fun, greedy, demanding and domineering. We like good little subbies, who know their place.

We recognise the different types of servitude and submissive. You do not have to be into humiliation and degradation to be of use, but you DO need to be polite, respectful and eager to please Us with gifts and or cash.

Together we will place you deep under Our intoxicating spell, where you will be made weaker and weaker. We will have you totally addicted and very eager to please Us in every and anyway you can. You will be begging for more bills to pay and desperate to demonstrate your submission to Us. Being used by Us is the sort of thing that losers like you dream of experiencing. Once you get a taste, you will be desperate for more.

We really like humiliation. If you are a pathetic loser, your wallet will be drained, then you will be used, humiliated and made to thank Us. If you re a loserboy, be sure to mention what a loser you are.




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